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About Me

Hi, I'm Liz Phamm!


I am a coach who values freedom and individuality.  As a millennial who is also an Asian Canadian, I know the sting of feeling stigmatized by cultural views of politics, race, age, gender, mental health, and trauma.  I am committed to breaking free of those stigmas and coaching others to do the same, in their own way.  


From an early age, I knew I wanted to do more than what was expected of me. I was the middle child growing up between 5 children in a blended family. Not exactly being the center of attention at home, I worked hard on building relationships and connections in friendships and in business. 


It wasn’t obvious then, but now I see that I have a magnet drawing me to talk to people. What was important then, was that I learned that there were lots of people just like me whose lives were full of family mental health issues, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, and trauma. 


That is where my passion for wellness was born. 


 I started by developing and running my own CBD health and wellness company, tackling stigmas around cannabis, and educating people on the value of alternative health solutions. 

Covid changed our lives in many ways! My CBD business changed in 2020, and I decided to take a new route. We all became Zoomers. I decided to move my skill set into coaching people on an individual level, teaching people how to build connections within themselves, and others. 

From there, I helped develop sales teams to build relationships from a place of human connection and not strictly on the bottom number. Which created a happier workplace environment.


After my basic certification in life coaching, I branched out and completed my certification in trauma-informed coaching. 

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