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Release feelings of self-doubt and learn how to cultivate deeper connections through self-love.


Do you often find your friendships & relationships

don't get past the surface-level?


Learn how to cultivate deep meaningful relationships.

What You Will Discover:

You will be able to identify your shadow side, the things holding you back from genuinely meeting your people. 

Learn how to be content with yourself but embrace and love truly love yourself for all your imperfections.

Learn how to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and other people.

How to identify your triggers, how it affects you, and how to move forward from them.

How to set boundaries for your inner peace and to be able to demand the kind respect and love you deserve. 

Reframing how you once saw love and now learning how to live in love.

Learn how to be kind to yourselves, and practice self-compassion.


How to become magnetic towards the RIGHT kind of people



My Name Is Liz Phamm

I am a relationship coach specializing in building connections in friendships, family, couples, dating, and sales teams. 


I spent most, if not all, of my upbringing, always saying, "I'm good, I'm fine, don't worry about me." By doing this, I neglected myself. The most important person in my life wasn't being seen or heard. I had toxic imbalanced relationships with everyone. Until one day, I woke up and realized this couldn't be my life, being subservient. I finally looked hard at myself in the mirror and just screamed, cried, and laughed. 


I allowed myself to feel for the first time ever. I broke down every wall I had and showed up as me: The goddess who isn't perfect, but I can definitely tell you I love myself, and the people I've chosen feel my love, and I can confidently say they love me back. I am so grateful to embrace love finally.


When I left my last relationship, I was in a very dark place mentally. I was feeling unmotivated, lost and out of touch with myself. Thank goodness I found Elizabeth. She is a strong and determined coach who truly understands womanhood and quickly helped me find my center, identify/understand my values and find my life direction. Some skills that Elizabeth helped me form, that I had never explored before, were, boundaries, healthy communication and most important of all, she helped me find self love. Today I am more open, communicative and more confident in my decisions and I have Elizabeth to thank for that. The new life skills I have learned will be taken with me throughout the rest of my life.

Mariana, Vancouver

Liz is the Boundary Queen. Almost cat-like in her approach, she reminds me of my Zen master cat. They share sleek, shiny black hair and eyes of those who miss nothing; with a gentle/tough mind processing the detailsIn a coaching session, I am feeling warm and fuzzy, and then, pounce! She nails an astute question in my direction. Coaching is all about the questions. Liz asks about the bones and the tendons of my boundary system, and then she simply exemplifies the decision to hold firm and reasonable boundaries. We can all benefit by this kind of coaching. Boundaries are essential. Liz has the skills to help you form a new platform of safety and clarity - and decide how you chose to grow from there. Liz offers simple, realistic goals and guardrails to move out of the places that drain me. With intuition, insight, and deep life experience, Liz is of help to all of us who need and want to own (and embrace) our story. Wise beyond her years, don't let her youth fool you I am old enough to be Liz's grandmother, and I benefit from her wisdom in every session.

Diana, Boston

It has been wonderful working with Liz, I adore her professionalism, wisdom and collectedness. She creates a safe and nonjudgmental platform and always provides a new, different perspective by asking questions that helped me maneuver through my problems. Liz has helped me unlearn the thought patterns that have been weighing me down and relearn how to reinforce my boundaries and approaches to life. She offers the empowering support, encouragement and strategies that I’m applying to my everyday life. The positivity and powerful aura that she radiates is truly inspiring to those she works with, especially if you’re on your way to learn how to be your best friend and/or best version of yourself.

Amber, Ottawa


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